Getting You Ready Strategy

Corporate Positioning

Product & Sales Strategy


Financial Strategy

HR & Operations

No company is ever really ready to undergo the scrutiny of an M&A or investment process. We have operating entrepreneurs on staff that will help you analyze your financial, marketing and technological strategy and readiness to ensure you put the best foot forward. We may work with you for 2 months or 2 years until you are truly ready to get the best value for the company.


Value Creation Strategy

Maximizing Value

Deal Structuring

Buyer Relations

Market Analysis

Legal & Process

Engaging in the right transaction, at the right time under the right market conditions is key. We help you structure the deal so that it is advantageous to you, the founder or CEO, as well as your team and shareholders.  We will bring a network of professional experts as well as our deal team to ensure that the best value is achieved.


Post-Transaction Strategy

Wealth Management Planning

Wealth Impact Planning

Family Office



Once the deal is done and you have derived value, we will recommend to you a team of experts that will ensure you maximize returns, spend it wisely and take care of your loved ones in the process. This includes investment consulting, family office planning, trust services, school services, real estate services and concierge services to help you manage your new achievements.


Impact / ESG Advising

  • Assess and manage Environmenal, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk within investment portfolios
  • Develop and implement responsible investment strategy and policies
  • Perform environmental and social due diligence on M&A transactions to assess environmental and social risks, liabilities, and opportunities
  • Work with clients and stakeholders to expand scope and scale of markets, build capacity, and design better systems to support impact investing activities
  • Build impact into organizational strategy; optimize alignment of activities with values


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